Humanity needs to connect to the urban environment, in a dynamic, smart
and conscious way. North Sails designed Comfort Tech, a city-inspired collection
made with recycled materials to create hybrid items, inspired to the modern living.


The collection is designed to meet the needs of contemporary consumers while contributing to the protection of the planet. Made from recycled nylon and polyester and sustainable fibers such as eco cotton wool, organic cotton and eco Coolmax, comfort tech stands for sustainability.


The collection features softshell and hybrid jackets such like the Hobart as for the Annapolis and is completed with knitwear, shirts and bags, all crafted to combine comfort, versatility and respect for the planet.


The key aspects and defining details of our Comfort Tech collection
are also visible in the kids' collection, where hybrid garments made of recycled
materials are the best teammates for the little sailor of tomorrow.
Discover now the collection.